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Frequently Asked Questions of CHIA

Frequently Asked Questions of CHIA
Frequently Asked Questions of CHIA

SCH.CXFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of CHIA. The following are some common problems collected and summarized by myself, which are constantly updated. I am also studying, please criticize and correct any mistakes, thank you!.

Question 1: In the options for generating PLOT files, what is the difference between queue and concurrency?

Answer: Queue refers to the completion of one birth, and then automatically generate the next one. Concurrency refers to the generation of multiple PLOT files at the same time, but it is necessary to consider whether the SSD cache area is large enough and whether the CPU and memory can keep up. Of course, the more concurrency, the better.

Question 2: After a PLOT file is generated, does the buffer area need to be manually deleted?

Answer: No, the system will delete it automatically and copy the generated PLOT file to the final directory.

Question 3: Can the temporary directory not use SSD?

Answer: Yes. However, the speed of the temporary directory determines the speed of PLOT file generation, so it is recommended to use a high-speed SSD. And the concurrent P disk of the mechanical hard disk may be stuck.

Question 4: Mechanical hard drives are too expensive, can I use mobile hard drives?

Answer: Yes, but the speed of the USB port is not fast and the stability is average. You can consider removing the hard drives inside and connecting them to the motherboard.

All domestic hard drives have skyrocketed. You can consider Amazon overseas purchases. It hasn’t increased too much, but it takes longer to arrive. For example, Toshiba’s 10T enterprise disk is available around 2000. Toshiba 10TB SATA 512e 7200RPM 3.5-inch Enterprise Hard Drive-MG06ACA10TE

Question 5: I have two SSDs, how can I use them reasonably to concurrently share P disks?

Answer: RAID can be grouped. The easiest way is to select the temporary directory and click Show advanced options to select the second temporary directory. In addition, you can also generate PLOT more than two times. If you want to P4 at the same time, first select concurrent 1 and 2, the temporary directory selects the first SSD, and then select the third and fourth SSD after confirming it. Temporary directory selection For the second SSD, the specific number depends on the remaining space of the SSD.

Question 6: What is the difference between mining with a wallet and mining with a mining pool?

Answer: The harvest from purse mining will only be a whole number of coins, such as one, it may not be harvested for a long time. The mining pool is divided into many netizens, with a daily income of 0.00000x coins. In addition, the mining pool requires a handling fee, which is generally more than 5%.

Question 7: When generating the PLOT file (in the drawing), sometimes it gets stuck at 31%, what’s the matter?

Answer: I have encountered many netizens. See the figure below for details

Question 8: Can I restart the computer or close the software during the drawing process?

Answer: Yes, but the previous drawing progress will not be saved and can only be restarted.

Question 9: Can Chinese names be used for the temporary directory and the final directory?

Answer: It is best not to use Chinese, otherwise there may be various problems. It is recommended that these two directories and the upper directory do not contain Chinese and special characters.

Question 10: Why there is no harvest for a few days after I generate PLOT?

Answer: The estimated period of each harvest will be displayed in the wallet software. The more PLOT, the shorter the period. But it does not mean that there will be a harvest in this cycle. So looking at that 0 feels lonely. But I believe that as your PLOT files increase, there will always be a harvest.

Question 11: When the mechanical hard disk P is full, is the solid-state still useful?

Answer: At this time, the solid-state can be used, because the solid-state is mainly for the speed of the P disk, and it is not needed for on-hook mining. But for more benefits, many people will continue to add hard disks to P, so the solid-state is basically the spring silkworms until the dead silk is exhausted, and the wax torch becomes ashes and the tears begin to dry.

Question 12: When the mechanical hard disk P is full, can the PLOT file be deleted?

Answer: Ka, this definitely cannot be deleted, because mining relies on these PLOT files. As for whether the PLOT file that is mined can be deleted, the blogger has not dug it yet, it needs to be examined:)

Question 13: After I installed the wallet software, why there are some other icons on the desktop that are not installed by me?

Answer: It is estimated that your wallet software is not downloaded on the official website. All wallet and mining pool software must be downloaded on the corresponding official website, otherwise, you may download software with Trojan horses and advertisements, causing losses! The official website of CHIA is: https://www.chia.net/

Question 14: After restarting the computer and opening the CHIA wallet, all the PLOTs in it are displayed as unavailable, what should I do?

Answer: This is being synchronized. After synchronization, it will show “farming”. Sometimes it will take a long time, so don’t restart the computer if there is nothing to do.

Question 15: Is it necessary to be connected to the Internet to generate the PLOT file?

Answer: No need. The drawing can be done completely offline, no blockchain is required, but it needs to be connected to the Internet when farming.

Question 16: When choosing to create a new PLOT, what is the use of the “bucket” setting?

Answer: The default setting of “buckets” is 128, which refers to the amount of storage used. If the number of buckets is increased, the memory used will decrease, but more temporary files and disk input will be generated.

Question 17: Can the prepared PLOT file be moved to another directory or hard disk?

Answer: Yes. PLOT is just a static file, which can be moved to another directory, hard disk, or even another computer (different operating systems are also possible). However, if you move to a computer where the harvester is running, it is recommended to rename the PLOT file from *.plot to *.plot-mv, and then change it back to *.plot, so that the harvester will not consider this to be damaged File.

Question 18: There is an error in generating PLOT or the computer accidentally restarted. Do the files in the cache directory need to be deleted manually?

Answer: If you need to delete manually, the folder in the cache directory will not be deleted automatically in the case of an error or restart. Even if you open a new PLOT file, the previous temporary files still exist, which may result in insufficient space.

Question 19: When I was on the P drive, a window prompting “The application will stop working at block height 193536” popped up. Is something wrong?

Answer: This is not an error message, but a message that there is a new version of the software. This version will stop operating when the block height reaches 193536. If you are not on the P drive at this time, you can download the update from the official website. Those on the P disk must be updated after the P is finished, otherwise, the previous work will be lost.

Question 20: Sometimes the CHIA wallet has been synced for several hours and it is not synced, and adding other nodes is also unsuccessful. How to solve it?

Answer: If you can operate an Internet router and have a public IP, you can set up a port mapping to map port 8444 of the external network to port 8444 of your computer’s IP. You can also turn on the UPNP function of routing, which can usually be solved. In addition, recently many people still can’t synchronize even after opening port mapping, etc. You can add node.chia.net to the node, port 8444. Generally, it can be synchronized, but it may not be synchronized for a while. You need to manually add the above node again. See if the new version of CHIA can fix this problem.

Question 21: The SATA ports of the motherboard are full, how to expand the hard disk?

Answer: SATA interface can be added through PCI-E interface SATA expansion card, and M.2 to SATA expansion card is also available. In addition, a mobile hard disk can also be used, but the speed is not fast and the stability is average. The last step of the P disk will be slightly slower, but mining is no problem.

Question 22: The software quits automatically when it is in the P disk, do I have to restart the P disk from the beginning?

Answer: After testing, the software automatically exits when the P disk is displayed. If you see that the CHIA.EXE process is still in the task manager, you can see that the capacity of the temporary directory is changing. Reopen the CHIA software, although you can’t see it. P picture, but the actual background has always been in P picture. When the time is up, it will automatically finish P and cut to the final directory. However, it may be partially unsuccessful. It can also be judged by checking whether the temporary directory capacity has changed.

Question 23: After opening a mining pool, can I still open a CHIA wallet to mine?

Answer: This is commonly known as dual mining. The official statement of the mining pool is not allowed. The customer service also stated that if it is discovered, the mining pool account will be blocked, so dual mining is not recommended. You can use the CHIA wallet P map and mine pool to mine by the following method.

Step 1: When adding PLOT files to the farmland, click on the advanced option of “Select the amount to open up” and select “Exclude final directory”;

Step 2: If the path of the plot file stored in the wallet and the mining pool is the same, delete the original path in the wallet solo;

Question 24: After using the mining pool for mining, can I switch back to the wallet SOLO?

Answer: Yes, you can switch at any time.

Question 25: Why is the receiving address of my wallet different from the farming reward address?

Answer: This may be because you have built two keys in the same CHIA software. The farming reward address of the second key will use the address of the first key by default. This is a software design problem. Just copy the wallet receiving address of the key in use to the farming reward address. (The farming reward address is in the “farm”-three o’clock in the upper right corner)

Question 26: What should I do if the connected wallet is displayed as 0 at the wallet?

Answer: Click the key in the tool on the left side of the wallet, and then click your own key to re-enter the software, and it will usually be solved.

Question 27: Using concurrent P diagrams, how to realize P after completing a task, automatically start the next task without manual intervention?

Answer: Use the official wallet, for example, you want to send 3P concurrently. Set three temporary directories on the SSD as the temporary directory, such as chia01, chia02, and chia03. Then set the first task, 6 (set according to your needs), select the queue mode (do not choose concurrency), and then set the memory and threads according to your own computer settings, set the queue name to chia01 (important), and select the temporary directory in the SSD The chia0 directory, the final directory selection can be as usual. Then set the second task, the temporary directory and queue are named chia02, and the rest are the same as the first task. The third task temporary directory and queue is named chia03, and the rest is the same as the first task. Such a heap. In this way, each task will only proceed to the next P disk after the previous P disk is completed, and the automatic P disk is realized.

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