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Google Chrome v88.0.4324.190 Released


SCH.cxGoogle Chrome v88.0.4324.190 Released. The official version of Google Chrome ushered in the release of the sixth maintenance version of v88. The detailed version number is v88.0.4324.190. The last official version v88.0.4324.182 was released on February 17, and Google released it another 6 days later. With the new version of the Chrome browser, this upgrade is mainly to update security fixes, stability improvements, and user experience.

New version changes

Chrome v88.0.4324.190 official version (2021-02-23)




The official version of Google Chrome v88 is mainly updated, improving the dark theme support, optimizing the dark mode, and covering the scroll bars of more internal pages such as settings, bookmarks, history, new tab pages, etc. The support for FTP is discontinued, Chrome cannot be used as an FTP client, and addresses beginning with ftp:// are no longer supported. Stop support for Mac OS Yosemite, end support for older browser add-ons, reduce interference in requesting permission, and optimize light and dark modes for Chrome OS.

The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v87, due to many low-level improvements, faster startup, faster loading, and more ways to improve battery life, representing the biggest improvement in Chrome performance over the years. Priority processing of active tabs reduces CPU usage by 5 times and extends battery life by 1.25 hours. Chrome starts 25% faster, page loading speed has increased by 7%, and all these operations use less power and memory than before.

The official version of Google Chrome v86 is mainly updated. First of all, the native file system API allows users to give Web applications read and write access to specified files/folders to bring a more relaxed and friendly user experience. Chrome 86 will become more practical for use scenarios such as image/video/code editing, and office suites. Secondly, Chrome 86 introduced a back cache for users to realize instant navigation on previously visited pages.

Security fixes and rewards

Chrome v88.0.4324.182, this update includes 10 security fixes.

[$20000][1138143] High CVE-2021-21149: Stack overflow in Data Transfer. As reported by Ryoya Tsukasaki on 2020-10-14

[$20000][1172192] High CVE-2021-21150: Use after free in Downloads. Reported by Woojin Oh(@pwn_expoit) of STEALIEN on 2021-01-29

[$15000][1165624] High CVE-2021-21151: Use after free in Payments. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2021-01-12

[$5000][1166504] High CVE-2021-21152: Heap buffer overflow in Media. Reported by Anonymous on 2021-01-14

[$1000][1155974] High CVE-2021-21153: Stack overflow in GPU Process. As reported by Jan Ruge of ERNW GmbH on 2020-12-06

[$TBD][1173269] High CVE-2021-21154: Heap buffer overflow in Tab Strip. Reported by Abdulrahman Alqabandi, Microsoft Browser Vulnerability Research on 2021-02-01

[$TBD][1175500] High CVE-2021-21155: Heap buffer overflow in Tab Strip. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2021-02-07

[$TBD][1177341] High CVE-2021-21156: Heap buffer overflow in V8. Reported by Sergei Glazunov of Google Project Zero on 2021-02-11

[$TBD][1170657] Medium CVE-2021-21157: Use after free in Web Sockets. Reported by Anonymous on 2021-01-26

[1178973] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives

Method of extracting native green version from offline installation package:

Right-click to decompress the offline installation package, then a chrome.7z will be decompressed

Decompress chrome.7z to get the native green version!

The offline package does not contain online automatic update and upgrades functions, so it will not add update scheduled tasks, and there is no background update process, which is cleaner.

Google Chrome v88.0.4324.190 official version offline installation package 64-bit





Google Chrome v88.0.4324.190 official version offline installation package 32-bit





Google Chrome v88.0.4324.192 Mac





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