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How to force dark mode on every website in Google Chrome

The Chrome browser enforces dark mode on the Google homepage.

SCH School SCH.cxHow to force dark mode on every website in Google Chrome. Chrome 78 has a new trick. It can forcibly enable dark mode on every website you visit, thereby eliminating those dazzling white backgrounds on beautiful dark desktops.

This is a brute force solution

The Google Chrome browser already has a built-in dark mode. If you use a website, the website can automatically switch to dark mode, provided that the website supports it. But most websites do not have an automatic dark mode or any dark mode.

The new “Force Dark Mode for Web Content” option of Chrome browser does not need to wait for millions of websites to jump into the dark mode trend but darken all bright websites. This is a bit like using the “Smart Reverse” function on the iPhone -light colors will become brighter, but the image will remain.

This is a brute force solution and won’t be as pretty as waiting for the website to enable its own Shiny new dark theme. However, the Internet is darkened everywhere. Previously, you could download and install browser extensions, which would automatically darken the website. It is now built into Chrome.

Google Chrome enforces dark mode on the How-To Geek homepage.

Enabling this option will not turn on dark mode on Chrome-to do this, you need to enable the dark mode option across the operating system. For example, on Windows 10, go to “Settings”> “Personalization”> “Color” and select “Dark” under “Choose Default Application Mode.” On macOS, activate dark mode from System Preferences> General.

How to enforce dark mode on all websites

Want to try it? This option can be used as a hidden flag in Chrome 78. Like all logos, it is an experimental option and may be changed or deleted at any time. One day, it may gradually become an appropriate option on Chrome’s “Settings” screen, or it may disappear completely.

To find it, type “chrome://flags” in Chrome’s Omnibox and press Enter.

Search for “dark mode” in the search box at the top of the “Experiments” page that appears.

Look for the "Enforced Dark Mode for Web Directory" sign.

Click the box to the right of “Enforced Dark Mode for Web Content”, and select “Enable” as the default setting.

Enabling forced dark mode for websites in Chrome’s experiments.

Click “Restart” to restart Chrome. Chrome will close and restart all open web pages. Before restarting your browser, make sure to save everything on these pages (for example, what you type in a text box).

Restart Chrome after enabling the flag.

Browse and see how it works. If you don’t like it, return to Chrome’s “Experimental” screen, change this option back to “Default”, and restart your browser. After disabling this option, Chrome will no longer mess up the colors of websites.

You can also try other “Forced Dark Mode” options. Different modes will produce different results on the web page. Some of them even invert light-colored images, making them darker. Of course, this will make the image look different, but it might be handy if you want a desktop that is always dark.

If you don’t like dark mode, don’t force it. Dark mode is trendy, but it may not actually suit you. Nevertheless, we still like dark mode .

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