Home Tech Passwords saved by LastPass can now be easily imported into Edge

Passwords saved by LastPass can now be easily imported into Edge


For a long time, passwords saved in Edge can be exported to CVS files, but the only way to import passwords is to synchronize passwords between Chrome and other browsers. Now in the latest Edge Canary version of the browser (version 90), Edge has now added the option of importing passwords from CVS files, which is the file type used by password managers such as LastPass to export saved passwords.

This means that users can now directly import passwords from third-party password management software to Edge to facilitate quick login on different devices.

This feature currently appears in the Password import project under Edge://flags:


Edge already provides many functions similar to third-party password managers, such as suggesting strong passwords, detecting whether passwords have been leaked, and synchronizing passwords via desktop and mobile phones. This feature will be particularly useful for those who give up password managers such as LastPass because LastPass has recently increased the cost of basic cross-platform features.

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