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Samsung Bixby Chinese (Mandarin) Version Officially Released

Samsung Bixby Chinese (Mandarin) Version Officially Released
Samsung Bixby Chinese (Mandarin) Version Officially Released

SCH CXSamsung Bixby Chinese (Mandarin) Version Officially Released. On November 21, 2017, Samsung Electronics of China officially released the Chinese (Mandarin) version of Samsung’s artificial intelligence platform Bixby in Beijing. Bixby is completely different from other voice assistants on the market. It contains four functions: voice, vision, homepage, and reminder, bringing users a different artificial intelligence multi-mode interactive experience.

Bixby can achieve a wide coverage of application functions, not only supports native applications such as phones and photo albums, but also supports multiple third-party applications; at the same time, Bixby has context awareness, can understand the current use environment and application status, wake up at any time, and then execute accurately The next step: In addition, Bixby also has the ability to learn. It can continuously learn the user’s usage habits. It has an interactive learning mechanism. Through the open user-customized interface, with the help of group wisdom to iteratively improve, the user experience is more relaxed and comfortable.

Samsung is rumored to be equipped with an 835 processor for clamshell phone exposure in China

According to foreign media reports, recently, a video of a suspected Samsung flip phone was leaked. The video shows that the phone features dual screens, touch screens on both sides of the flip part, and a metal body appearance. There is a camera, fingerprint unlocking, and heart rate scanner on the back of the phone. It is rumored that there is 64GB of memory, which can be expanded to 256GB with a micro SD card. There is a speaker at the bottom of the phone, and the phone will be equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 system processor. Although this flip phone has not yet been officially named, it is known from the rumors that the phone will be released two or three months ago. According to the leaker, the phone is called W2018. Although it is said that this phone will be launched in China on December 1, it is still unclear when it will be sold in other countries. In addition, the price of the phone was not disclosed.

VPhoto announced 4 new rounds of financing a year, with a total financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan

On November 21st, at the Global Image Communication Summit held by VPhoto, Cao Yumin, the founder and CEO of Vphoto, announced the appearance of independent research and development of intelligent hardware V5, the launch of cloud photography V video products, and the announcement of the angel wheel, within one year Four new rounds of financing have been completed, and the accumulated financing amount is nearly 100 million yuan. Investors include Fengrui Capital, Qingsong Fund, Oriental Fortune, Tianhe Cultural Industry Fund and Panshi Capital.

VPhoto revealed that these four rounds of financing will be used to upgrade products, expand brand influence, and gradually focus on wedding and travel scenarios in the C-end market.

Siemens has been developing electric aircraft for 6 years

When traditional automakers increased their electric vehicles and Tesla released electric trucks, German industrial company Siemens had been developing electric airplanes for about 6 years. The research and development of electric aircraft is Siemens’ largest investment in a single department. Siemens mainly focuses on electronic technology, develops engines, inverters, rectifiers, generators, and other components, and has done a lot of research on improving the power density (power-to-weight ratio) of motors. Olaf Otto, Vice President of Electric Aircraft of Siemens AG, recently accepted the media group

Samsung confirms that it will release the foldable phone Galaxy X, the model number is SM-G888NO

According to the US “Forbes” magazine, after confirming that the Galaxy S9 (Galaxy S9) and S9 Plus will soon be launched, Samsung recently confirmed that it will launch the Galaxy X, a folding mobile phone. Samsung’s official website revealed the details of the Galaxy X. Its model is SM-G888NO. Among them, the 888 models has been discussed before. The newly added NO emphasizes that this phone is designed for the Korean market, which is in line with Samsung’s launch of its first folding smartphone only in limited areas. Mobile phone plan. The release of information on the official website usually means that there will be a new product launch conference in a few weeks.

China FAW recalls 206,600 domestic Mazda 6 cars from today

According to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China FAW Corporation has decided to recall some domestic Mazda 6 vehicles produced between November 1, 2012, and March 31, 2016, with a total of 206,600 units starting from November 21. It is reported that due to the supplier’s reasons, the brake booster vacuum hose check valve may not be opened normally in the severe cold environment of the vehicles within the scope of this recall, resulting in insufficient vehicle brake boosting and posing safety hazards.

Cloud service provider Scalyr receives US$20 million in Series A financing

According to Lieyun.com, today’s cloud service provider Scalyr announced a US$20 million financing led by Shasta Ventures. Existing investors Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures and Heroic Ventures participated in the investment. Chief Executive and co-founder Steve Newman said that after this transaction, the company’s total financing will reach 28 million US dollars. A tool created by the company can filter a large amount of log data and is much faster than traditional tools-and all of this does not require machine learning. The company is currently located in San Mateo and has 23 employees. Scalyr is likely to use the funds to recruit new employees. The company currently has 140 paying customers, including Giphy, TiVo, and Business Insider.

Smart Retail CRM System Service Provider Shangfan Technology Receives Ten Million RMB A-round Financing

Recently, Shangfan Technology officially announced the completion of a round A financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round of financing was led by Ventech China, followed by Sense Capital and Chuangshi Partners Capital. Genesis Partners Capital continued to participate in this round of investment after leading the Pre-A round at the beginning of this year. After this round of financing, the company will further accelerate the customer expansion on the basis of the retail smart CRM currently provided, increase the mining of data wisdom, and explore a variety of new business cooperation models with partners. Shangfan Technology is positioned to provide retail data intelligence SaaS services for chain retail enterprises. The current system adopts a big data architecture method to realize real-time data operations and serves more than 200 leading retail brands in different sub-industries.

Southeast Asia Venture Capital Media-Tech In Asia Receives 6.6 Million U.S. Dollars from Hanwha Group

According to Techcrunch, the US$6.6 million in funding received by Southeast Asian venture capital media Tech In Asia was led by Hanwha Group. So far, Tech In Asia has completed 6 rounds of financing totaling approximately US$17 million. The investor Hanwha Group is one of the top ten consortiums in South Korea. It was established in 1952 and its business involves industrial manufacturing, construction and real estate, finance and insurance, energy development, and other fields. Focus on the technical field when developing emerging markets. TechCrunch believes that Hanwha is keen on this transaction, mainly hoping to use Tech in Asia’s data, information, and recruitment services to enhance its influence in the Southeast Asian technology community.

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