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Why Chia become a king-level project?

Frequently Asked Questions of CHIA
Frequently Asked Questions of CHIA

SCH.CXWhy Chia become a king-level project? What is the total amount of coins behind it, what are the mining requirements, how to participate in private equity, etc., do you know? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, because we have invited Chia to answer for us:

Question 1: Does Chia have a private placement? How do I need to participate?

Answer: Currently, there is no private placement in the market, and it is difficult for institutions to get the private placement of Chia, a top-level project, and it is even more impossible for retail investors to directly participate in a private placement. If retail investors want to obtain the tokens of the Chia project, they can only obtain it through mining and other forms. Do not believe in any illegal fraud that uses Chia private equity as a gimmick.

Question 2: How much can a desktop computer participate in mining? How long is the payback period? Can laptops participate in mining?

Answer: The market does not have a reference standard for desktop mining for the time being. It is known that a mechanical hard disk that is full per TB can theoretically mine 0.04 XCH coins per day, and it is expected to decline in the later period. There is currently no transaction on XCH, the market price cannot be defined, and the return cycle cannot be accurately predicted. I suggest that laptops should not participate in mining, because big miners have already entered the market, and retail laptops have weaknesses such as weak computing power and imperfect hardware. They cannot compete with professional mining machines and do not have much profitability.

Question 3: How to buy Chia coin?

Answer: At present, Chia does not have an open transfer function and cannot be bought or sold. It is estimated that there will be over-the-counter transactions in the future. It is estimated that starting from March 18, 2021, Chia will open transfers in the next six weeks, and free transfer transactions will be realized.

Question 4: What is the total amount of this coin? Is there pre-mining?

Answer: The total amount is unlimited. The team has pre-mined 21 million (will not be circulated in the early stage, and the unlock date is unknown). It is estimated that more than 3.36 million will be produced in the first year of this year, and the total circulation in the first 12 years will reach more than 39.000.000.

Question 5: Does this mining require network bandwidth? Does it consume electricity?

Answer: No network bandwidth is required, just being able to access the Internet. It does not consume electricity, and the host is fully loaded with power every day and consumes less than 4 degrees of electricity. Mining needs to be connected to the Internet, and P-pictures can be calculated offline, without network bandwidth.

Question 6: Can I use solid-state hard drives or SSDs to plot graphs and put them in mechanical hard drives or HDDs for mining? Is it enough to complete the plot once? Do I need to plot again?

Answer: Yes, if the plot is good, it is automatically placed in the HDD path you set, and you can dig. The more graphs in the plot, the greater your computing power, and the easier it is to produce blocks. The normal idea is to keep plotting.

Question 7: Can consumer-grade solid-state applications be used for P-pictures now?

Answer: It is not recommended. Consumer-grade solid-state such as SN750 and 970PRO have relatively short write life.

Question 8: Why doesn’t mining produce blocks for a day?

Answer: Because of the low computing power of ordinary hard disks, the probability of solo block generation is low.

Question 9: What is the expected listing price?

Answer: The expected listing price cannot be defined for the time being, and the market pricing power is determined by the market.

Question 10: What should I do if the synchronization fails or is very slow?

Answer: Add a few nodes to speed up the speed of information acquisition by checking the relevant community announcements.

Question 11: Can I continue plotting after accidentally shutting down or exiting the software?

Answer: No, you can only start again.

Question 12: There are several pictures in P, what should I do if there is no time interval set?

Answer: If the time interval is not set, the plot will fail. Generally, an interval of at least 10 minutes is set.

Question 13: When will Chia start mining?

Answer: When the mainnet went live on March 19, Chia officially announced that it will open the transfer function 6 weeks after the launch.

Question 14: Is there any application for this Chia?

Answer: Chia’s current physical applications include: the ownership of transfer bills and asset withdrawal during the transfer process. At the same time, Chia also has the function of color coins, which can determine the ownership of property rights and resolve a series of economic disputes caused by the lack of property rights.

Question 15: Can someone replace the P picture and sell me the full mechanical hard drive?

Answer: It is not recommended. Because the picture of P is related to the wallet, you need to send the wallet and the picture to you together. It is not safe for two people to have mnemonic words at the same time. There are also P-maps now. The principle is to use the mnemonic to sign and then give the signature to the other party. It has not been practiced yet.

Question 16: After P is full of mechanical hard drives, do I still need SSDs?

Answer: If you don’t want P-pictures, you don’t need them. You can even take out the mechanical hard drive and connect it to an idle computer for internet mining.

Question 17: What should I do if the wallet crashes by itself or the screen goes blank during the drawing process?

Answer: If not, you need to check whether the Chia files in the background and temporary storage disk have changed. If you are still drawing, just wait. If the memory and hard disk reading are still displayed, it means that the background is still running. Wait for a while. After the drawing is complete, open the client.

Question 18: Can I copy the drawn graph to another computer and dig at the same time?

Answer: No, a picture is the only one, it is useless if you copy it.

Question 19: Can one machine P map one machine for mining?

Answer: Yes, remember that multiple machines use the same mnemonic and then import the path of the final saved picture.

Question 20: Can I assemble second-hand parts by myself?

Answer: It is not recommended to assemble it by yourself. Compared with professional mining machines, second-hand assembly parts are prone to problems, and second-hand parts have defects. Users may encounter a series of troubles in the later mining process, which may result in more losses than gains. In the second-hand configuration, it is necessary to carefully consider whether the mining income can be paid back and whether there is a profit margin for the later income. The investment itself is an act of gambling, and the fight with confidence can win the most

Well, today’s visit ends here, I believe you will have more understanding after reading it, and the mysteries in your heart will be solved one by one. If you have not solved it, please add the customer service WeChat: fbsxl8, although I am not a Chia boss, I can also answer for you, no matter what, I will help you ask the boss!

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